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Bars Are Dangerous And Owners Can Be Liable

A night out with friends can turn into disaster if a fight or shooting occurs, and it might not be your fault. It might be the fault of the bar owner.

If you have been injured in a bar fight due to negligence of the bar owner maybe because of lack of security, contact an injury attorney to seek a lawsuit for damages under premises liability law.

Bar fights should not be taken lightly. An assault or battery charge under premises liability law is a serious offense. If you suffer injuries from a serious fight you need to speak with a premise liability attorney immediately.

It is not just lack of security but security itself that causes harm

There are cases where the security has been known to add to the harm by throwing patrons out without any worry for the patron’s health and excessive force.

If this occurs, the bar can still be liable for hiring unqualified personnel or even for not putting harsh personnel in check by firing them or punishing them for negative behavior.

At 1 a.m. November 21, 2005, George Mosher Jr. was stabbed to death outside of Eli's Pub in Kent. Mosher was an off-duty pub employee who was trying to break up a fight that had erupted outside the establishment. He got stabbed him in the chest, puncturing his lung and severing his aorta.

Instances such as this raise issues of premises liability law and negligent security. Bar owners owe their patrons a duty to guard against known dangerous conditions. The Washington Supreme Court has held that landowners may be liable for failing to provide reasonable levels of security to protect their patrons from the criminal conduct of third parties.

If Eli's Pub failed in its duty to provide adequate security Mr. Mosher's estate may have a cause of action against the bar under premises liability law.

In the case of Nivens v. 7-11 Hoagy's Corner, the Court said that a customer who had been assaulted by a group of loitering teenagers could sue 7-11 via a premise liability attorney for failing to provide a security guard to protect against the loiterers.

If you have lost a loved one that may have been injured in a situation where the owner of a bar was negligent, contact a premise liability attorney to file suit and recover punitive damages.

The recovery from premises liability can be extreme

$800,000 compensation for a bar fight resulting in PTSD
In Gainesville, A client of a premise liability attorney suffered a serious brain injury when bouncers at a local bar wrongfully attacked him when responding to an innocent scuffle between other patrons. 
After the bouncers beat up the client, they carried him to the top of the steps leading into the bar and threw him to the concrete street below, causing his head to violently strike the ground and resulting in significant injuries.
However, the bouncers, the bar, and the insurance company denied responsibility for the beating, attempting to blame the victim and claiming self defense.

The client’s premise liability attorneys were able to prove that the bouncers had a long history of unprovoked and violent attacks, that the bar was aware of their history of violence and had failed to take adequate steps to punish or fire the bouncers. 

The personal injury law firm pursued the litigation, seeking out every bit of evidence, locating witnesses all over Alachua Country. As a result, the defendant bar and bouncers ultimately agreed to compensate our client $800,000.

If you have been involved in a bar fight and have been injured by security or other patrons, contact a premise liability attorney to file a lawsuit under premises liability law.
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